How to train you according to your own morphology


how to train

In bodybuilding, everyone leaves with a different level and different desires. It is the same for the morphology. If everyone has a body of his own, some morphologies are similar and it is important to know how to train according to the nature of his body.

Although everyone is different, scientists have collected three types of morphology: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph.

The Ectomorphs

The ectomorphic people are generally quite thin, with a weak musculature. Regardless of their diet, their body remains lean and they have a lot of difficulties gaining muscle mass.

For this type of morphology, it is necessary to work on long series (about 15 reps) and have quite long rest periods between sets (3-5 min). This technique is specific to them, due to a large number of slow-twitch muscle fibers. To take the mass, the ectomorphs must avoid cardio and especially take care of their diet.

The Mesomorphs

Nature sometimes does things well, at least for some. This is the case of mesomorphs. Considered perfect for the sport, a person of this morphology is naturally muscular.

No need to go through a thousand ways to gain weight, two to three sessions per week are enough. A little cardio can sometimes be useful and the isolation work is strongly recommended to cut even more muscles already visible.

The Endomorphs

Often small and a bit fleshy, the endomorphs easily gain weight. And by weight we mean here fat, not mass. Their slow metabolism makes it difficult to lose fat.

Training circuits and high-intensity sessions are recommended for this type of morphology. A HIIT session, for example, is perfect for burning fat and gaining muscle mass. It is also very important to be careful to have good nutrition, avoiding fatty foods.

The important thing is not to belong to one category or another. If you have a program and a flawless motivation, the results will end up being seen.