Chinese medicine: the 6 food rules that we should all apply


Chinese medicine


Practiced for millennia, traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest alternative medicine. It is based on five pillars: dietetics, massage, acupuncture, energy gymnastics, and pharmacopeia. Here, we are interested in dietetics, considered by Chinese medicine as the first of remedies and as the main source of energy. Hence its importance. Zoom on the 6 basic rules.

Bet on cooking

The first principle: focus on cooked and hot foods rather than raw. If in the West, recommendations recommend the opposite and encourage us to prefer the raw to be able to enjoy all the vitamins and minerals of food, the Chinese school is positioned differently. Indeed, according to them, cooking facilitates digestion work. Vitamins Рalthough they are certainly fewer Рare nevertheless better assimilated by the body and better evacuated. So avoid excess crudit̩s, dairy products, and fresh or cold food because they weaken the digestive and metabolic system.

Take his time

Other advice suggested by Chinese medicine: take your time, eat in peace and mindfulness. A tip also recommended in Europe!

Drinking reasonably

The third basic rule of Chinese dietetics, drink reasonably. Namely, in a fractional way, apart from meals and no more than a liter a day. Here too, the recommendations of the Chinese school denote what we are taught in Europe about the “2.5 L of water a day”. According to Chinese medicine, drinking more than our kidneys can filter (ie 2L per day), could tire them.

Put plants and cereals in the spotlight

According to Chinese medicine, to fill up with energy, one must base one’s diet on seasonal plants, cereals, and legumes. And to complement these basic ingredients, Chinese dietetics also recommends eating meat and fish in small amounts, once a day.

Vary the colors

And who says seasonal plants, also says different varieties. Chinese medicine recommends mixing colors and textures to ensure a balanced plate.

Do not exceed the satiety threshold

Last commandment of Chinese dietetics: eat-in full consciousness and be attentive to the signals of his body. Do not go over the threshold of satiety to avoid tiring your body.