6 signs that show that you lack vitamin D


vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced by our body at 80% thanks to sunlight. But in winter, between the change of time and bad weather, the body is much less exposed to sunlight. Scientists are talking about 5 fat-soluble vitamins since they can be stored in the body. Produced by the latter, they are considered as hormones.

Having a vital role for bones, vitamin D deficiency can promote fatigue, depression or dryness of the skin. Nearly 80% of the Western population and even the majority of the elderly are concerned by this health problem, according to a report of the Academy of French Medicine (AMF). Discover the six signs that prove that you are also deficient in vitamin D.

 A feeling of fatigue and exhaustion

All of these vitamins D stimulates the absorption capacity of calcium and phosphorus, a mineral, of the intestine by regulating their content in the blood. They also help fight against fatigue and boost the immune system. Fewer, it becomes more difficult to be energetic.

muscle weakness

Vitamin D plays a vital role in maintaining muscle mass. A French study reveals that a lack can lead to sarcopenia, an abnormal decrease in strength and muscle mass. In the elderly, these deficiencies are often associated with muscle loss.

A depression

The winter blues are often linked to a lack of light. According to the researchers, there is a link between vitamin D deficiency and depression. An Austrian study of 25 depressed patients showed that they had lower vitamin D levels than healthy individuals. Scientists believe that the hormone will protect neurons that synthesize dopamine and serotonin. Two neurotransmitters essential to the proper functioning of the brain.

Dry skin

Abnormally dry skin can have for origin a deficiency in vitamin D. The latter intervenes in the hydration of the skin and tissues. It also helps to overcome some skin diseases.

Bone fragility

A deficit causes fragility of the bones. Loss of bone strength, redundancy of fractures, joint pain may be related to a deficiency. Children may be subject to rickets. The increasing bone disease manifested by growth and developmental delays and sleep disturbances.


Drought caused by vitamin D deficiency can also occur in the lubrication of the joints. Result? You suffer from pain, cramps, and stiffness when you wake up.