Seven Ways Kids Can Bond With Their Cats This Summer


Now that summer vacation has begun, your kids are likely to own longer to pay reception bonding with their cats.

It’s an ideal chance to make some reminiscences and study compassion for the animals they love.

There also are many activities to try to with cats which will fight ennui, burn off excess energy and keep busy throughout the summer months.

Here are seven ways kids can bond with their cats.

1. Teach A New Trick

Dogs aren’t the sole pets which will learn new tricks and a number of other of them area unit simple enough for kids to show.

It may need some patience however cats area unit utterly capable of learning to perform loads of behaviors on command. A straightforward one to begin thereupon children can get pleasure from is the high five.

This is an excellent confidence building exercise for teenagers, and cats can love the
additional attention and rewards.


2. Make Up A New Game

Children area unit nice at arising with ways in which to stay themselves amused, and creating up new games could be fun thanks to doing this.

Encourage your kid to form a fun game with the cat. It is as active as a version of hiding and ask for, or as artistic as an active session.

Cats fancy further mental stimulation, and you’ll in all probability notice your kitty inflicting less bother after the area unit able to use their brain to play fun games rather than destroying the house.

3. Read To The Cat

Even though your child isn’t in school now of year, it’s a decent plan to stay up the reading skills.

Cats offer a non-judgmental ear whereas your kid practices reading aloud. In fact, cats are accustomed to facilitate young adults with learning disabilities gain confidence in their reading skills.

This is an excellent probability to assist your kid build some shallowness before the beginning of the college year.


4. Try Walking On A Leash

Walking on a leash isn’t for each cat, however, summer may be an excellent time to do it

Make sure you have got a secure harness which you supervise the walk to be safe.

Most children would love the concept of taking the cat for a walk and every one the positive attention they’ll get from individuals passing by.

The additional exercise will facilitate burn energy for your kid and your cat, and that they will relax along once they get home providing you with some peace and quiet whereas they strengthen their bond.

5. Learn To “Speak Cat”

An important bonding lesson youngsters learn from their pets is a way to communicate non-verbally. This is often a lesson that may even be applied to the human world as kids are additionally able to socialize and relate to others.

Understanding the “language” cats use, from their body movements at their vocalizations, is very fun, particularly if you frame it as learning to “speak cat “.

Here could be a useful guide understanding the visual communication of cats that you just will use to assist your kid whereas they’re disbursal longer reception over summer.


6. Build A Cat Fort

Kids have nice imaginations and may use almost about something as toys. Pillows, blankets, and boxes will all be accustomed to create a fun fort that youngsters will share with their kitty companions.

Cats really feel safer once they have confined areas wherever they’ll relax, and being near to the children they love in a very safe setting can solely strengthen their bond.

This is an opportunity for your youngsters flex their creativeness whereas payment time with their feline friends.

7. Make Some DIY Cat Toys

Do-it-yourself cat toys will make a fun, simple arts and crafts project, particularly on a time period. Kids can particularly love seeing their cat having a blast with the toys they created.

This is another confidence boosting activity, and it’ll facilitate your child to feel a way of accomplishment.

Make sure to supervise any activity with scissors and glue, Associate in Nursing {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} even get in on the action to if you would like to create it an activity the total family can get pleasure from.

Your cats also will be happy to possess an opportunity to play with the new toys alongside
your kids.

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