How Long Do Cats Live?

One of the toughest components of getting pets is that they need shorter lifespans than we do.

you will be watching your sweet, new kitten, and wondering, “How long do cats live? however, long do I have to spend with her?”

The average life of an indoor, spayed or neutered cat is between fourteen and sixteen years of age.

Whereas these are the average numbers, several cats can live for much longer than that. In fact, the oldest known cat, in keeping with the Guinness Book of World Records, was a Texas-born kitty named Creme Puff. She was born on August third, 1967 and died on August 6, 2005. That created her thirty-eight years and three days old!

Currently, the oldest living cat position is controlled by Scooter, a 30-year-old cat in Mansfield, TX.

Cats Are Living Longer All the Time



The good news is the lifespans of cats are increasing. A number of the reasons that cat reside longer recently are:

Scientific advances. Medicine is often marching forward. The advantages of this will be seen in the increase in human lifespans also as those of our pets, due to:

  • Better understanding of disease processes
  • New treatments
  • Improved medications and ways to administer them to cats
  • Increased control of infectious disease through vaccination

Cats are more often viewed as part of the family now. Because a lot of and a lot of people view their feline companions as members of the family, the cash for their care is progressively being worked into the social unit budget, rather than taken out of discretionary income once, it’s offered.

Better access to veterinary care. There are additional veterinarians obtainable that job solely on small animals, and there’s usually at least one within a reasonable drive from most homes.

Pet insurance. The availability of pet insurance has begun to extend the quality of the veterinary care that cats are receiving, and it’s probably that it’ll still do so as a lot of people discover its benefits. Pet insurance permits many people to conform to medical specialty and treatments for his or her cat once they might not otherwise be able to afford them.

Fewer outdoor cats. The outdoors holds several perils for our feline friends. Cars, other cats, wild animals, people that do not like cats, infectious feline viruses; these are all hazards that have shortened cats’ lifespans.

An enlarged variety of people keeping their cats within has raised the average period of our feline companions.

One factor is for sure, no matter how much time you have got with your sweet house cat, it’ll never appear to be enough.

however, do not let that stop you from adopting; simply because cats’ lifespans are shorter than ours doesn’t suggest that they cannot be full of love, fun, and memories that will last for YOUR entire lifetime.

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