‘El Chapo,’ Notorious Drug Kingpin, Found Guilty After Dramatic Trial In New York


In spreading out their case, examiners went through 11 weeks calling observers, while the guard took 30 minutes and conveyed only one observer to the stand. The indictment and barrier conveyed their last contentions to the jury in January.

Jeffrey Lichtman, one of Guzmán’s resistance legal counselors, gave a vivified introduction, slamming the platform, pacing before the members of the jury and applauding his customer on the shoulder.

“Disregard decency, overlook equity, overlook the law, overlook moral perceptions,” he stated, in an evident endeavor to depict the legislature as savage. “None of it is important, simply get Chapo.”

The arraignment had delivered a “scripted occasion,” he stated, with coordinating observers who “lie, take, cheat, bargain medications and murder individuals.” And if Guzmán was sentenced, those individuals would be discharged, he said.

Lichtman provide reason to feel ambiguous about whether a portion of the killings that observes portrayed at any point occurred. He called Guzmán “the rabbit” that Mexican experts were pursuing when the genuine driving force behind the Sinaloa cartel was Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada.

At a certain point, he played off Guzmán’s short stature that earned him his “El Chapo” epithet, slang for shorty. “That 60-year-elderly person who’s this huge is whacking individuals with a tree limb for three hours?” he said.

Collaborator U.S. Lawyer Amanda Liskamm drove the indictment’s answer, encouraging members of the jury not to fall for the resistance’s smear. “The day cocaine tricks are made in paradise is the day we can call holy messengers as observers,” she said.


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