Oil, cream or gel: what care for mature skin?




With age, the skin is refined and requires specific care highly moisturizing and nutritious.

Between a toning gel and creamy cream, your heart swings? The choice of the galenic is very personal, some appreciate the sensation of oil on the skin when others prefer the freshness of a gel. But did you know that in addition to comfort, texture also has a role to play on the needs of our skin? And the mature skin has in common to be thinner, drier and less plump: they require as much nutrition as hydration.

Oil, for its nourishing power

The oil evokes sensoriality, its gesture of application is a moment of pleasure. Rich oils are perfect for the driest skin. They nourish them deeply and soothe the tugging. Small flat all the same: devoid of hydrophilic humectants, they do not hold water in the skin. To remedy this, you can combine your oil with cream.

The cream, for its multifunctional texture

It is probably galenic who wins all the votes after 50 years. It meets all needs and generally pleases the majority. Also, the creams are polymorphic and exist in different textures suitable for all types of skin from the fat to the dry. So which version to choose? A rich cream, for example, will be more nourishing than hydrating because of its oily composition predominates. It is the opposite of a creamy cream, more moisturizing since it contains more hydrophilic humectants. If each of these textures favors a need (nourish or hydrate), it does not forget the other. Rich cream and creamy cream are perfectly suited to hydrate and nourish the skin of seniors in depth.

Gel, for its concentration in assets

Gel textures have two advantages: they are highly concentrated in active ingredients and their cool effect on the application ensures a toning and tensing effect on the skin. However, it is better not to use it alone because a gel is not enough nutritive and does not hydrate over time. This galenic does not deposit a barrier of protection on the skin but is a perfect complement to cream, for example.

The versatility of the cream allows it to easily rise to the top of the podium, followed closely by the oil. The gel, good loser, keeps his head up: it also brings its share of benefits. It is not just used alone. To note: on the body, the drought is sometimes intense. The most suitable texture remains that of an emollient balm for its high nutritional power.