Beauty: 3 treatments better winter to maximize results


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The winter period is well established and you already shiver under your plaid by asking you when the summer arrives? Take advantage of this period to make beauty treatments that will be perfect to achieve when it’s cold.

Not only are the temperatures dangerously close to zero in this period, but the sun is becoming more and rarer… and it’s not good for morale! Change your ideas by giving yourself a pampering break, an ideal time to take care of yourself. In addition, the winter period can work in your favor with regard to certain care in particular …

Laser treatments

Whether it is a laser treatment to remove scars, brown spots or permanent hair removal, it is always recommended not to be exposed to the sun several weeks before treatment. Indeed, melanin tends to darken the skin and make the effects of the laser ineffective or impossible to perform. And if you ever try to go to the sun after doing the laser, you expose yourself to possible burns or rashes, your skin having been sensitized. In short, your body will be much better with cool weather and well protected from UV rays by your clothes.

Slimming treatments

Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis, for example, consists of eliminating body fat by using the effects of cold. These different techniques target the fat cells to remove them and, after several sessions, find the silhouette that suits you. However, these slimming treatments do not have an immediate effect. The area may be swollen and unchanged for several days to several weeks while the treatment is taking effect. Thus, it is rather advisable to practice these treatments in winter, in order to have the body of your dreams in the spring! It’s the same for sports training like EMsculpt, or other techniques to firm up your body: it will take several sessions before you benefit from the results. It is time to start!

The dermatological peels

When it comes to facials in aesthetic medicine, it is better to do it in winter. Just like the laser on the face, which can leave redness and blistering areas for a few hours – especially not in the sun – it is best to make your peels during the winter. Practiced by a dermatologist, the peel or any other treatment of micro-abrasion, must be made on healthy skin and not weakened by the sun. This intense exfoliation of the upper layers of the epidermis helps to give a boost to your skin, and smooth fine lines, erase spots.

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source: FA