5 mistakes not to make to have a beautiful skin


beautiful skin

Caring for your beautiful skin does not just happen by putting products.

It is not enough to put cream every day. Well, it’s good to start there, but even the best of routines can be ruined by bad habits. GQ Italy has identified 5 mistakes that many men make every day and that are likely to prevent you from having beautiful skin, even if it is well hydrated. Take some seed:


Your mother has already told you, we repeat: Do not pierce and scratch the buttons. It is better to let them dry naturally while thinking of cleaning the skin regularly to get rid of impurities.


You have to change your pillowcases regularly (and cleaning them is even better). The best option for the skin is to have silk sheets but you can also just cotton or linen. Also, remember to wash your pillows every six months.


Most people forget to put cream on their necks. (And they do not clean it either.)


People who spend their time looking at their phone contract the “smartphone face”: this posture accelerates the formation of wrinkles and the formation of a double chin or strabismus.


The consumption of alcohol, caffeine and too much salt dries the skin and gives a gray complexion. The skin may even be inflated.