5 great beauty tips to make with aloe vera


Aloe vera

Aloe vera: the miracle plant? Yes! And we will prove it to you thanks to these 5 incredible uses to make with the gel of this miraculous plant.

Whether you decide to buy it in the form of a tube gel or to take a sheet directly, we can promise you one thing: you’ll know what to do with it!

1st tip: relieve irritation

Skin scratching or sunburn? Grasp a sheet of aloe vera that you will gently cut in half lengthwise to extract the fresh gel. Then cut a piece of one or two centimeters that you can apply directly to the irritated area. The immediate soothing and fresh result will soothe and moisturize your skin.

2nd tip: goodbye black dots

Do you make a black anti-dots mask easily! Mix one teaspoon of activated charcoal powder with a spoonful of aloe vera gel, then apply this mixture with a brush on areas prone to blackheads (nose, forehead, chin). Leave for 15 minutes before rinsing with fresh water. Renew the operation once or twice a week, and your blackheads will disappear!

3rd tip: an energy drink

Want to purify your skin from the inside? Go for an invigorating morning drink! Pour hot water into a glass and squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Then add the equivalent of a teaspoon of fresh aloe vera gel, and mix well. Drink immediately for a brilliant result over time.

4th tip: a shave gel

No time to make hair removal in the rules of art, but some unsightly hair grow back? Grab your shaver, but before that, apply aloe vera gel directly to the area to be shaved. Its ultra-hydrating side will protect your skin and slide the blade easily. Do not hesitate to apply aftershave, to nourish your skin deeply.

5th tip: ciao dry hair

Your hair tends to be dry or damaged? Apply aloe vera gel directly to your hair, lock it with a wick and let it sit like a mask. After rinsing everything, the result on your hair will be spectacular: well-hydrated, they will find shine and shine!